Jazzy Betty​

The song "Jazzy Betty" has evolved so many times over the years, and this latest installment is from the upcoming EP. With the addition of Steve Trecarten (The Drew Nelson Band) on keyboards for this song, it breathes new life and a melodic softness that really emphasises The Clint Everson Band's diversity. Written from the perspective of his guitar, Clint tells a story of regret and bad choices.

Six Feet In My Grave

This song is a straight forward country ass-kicker. It is meant to sound very much like Outlaw Country, and is a cathartic release for Clint. This song showcases Clint's love of different styles that evolved from the blues, and has been featured on DAWG FM during the Sunday night Ottawa Blues Society slot. It was his first song to ever get radio play. This is the new version off of the upcoming album 'Cler To Me'.